Skin Care for Your Face

Do You Have a Skin Care Routine for Your Face?

Often when there is pressure, stress, environmental pollution and a lack of time there is a tendency to neglect some of the most important things, this is often the skin on our face.

Being Beautiful Is About Being Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Skin Care for Your FaceTaking the time in the morning and evening to look after your face, nurture and nourish your skin is about taking back your own control.

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful”. – Sophia Loren

It is time for each of us to embrace our own beauty and nurture our face by caring for our face; nourishing it and providing it with the best natural ingredients in our skincare possible.

The media often makes us feel that our beauty, our challenges and the problems we face affect the way we look and reduce our value.

Being beautiful and embracing your beauty is different for each one of us; being your own kind of beautiful is a precious journey for each person.

Having healthy glowing skin, even if you have dry and sensitive skin, is possible with the AQI Skincare Face Range as it was specially formulated to soothe and support sensitive skin.

There are many products available for your Face, and use some of the same ingredients as the AQI Face Range.

But only the AQI Face Range uses naturally derived ingredients of Beta Glucan, Chamomile, and Colloidial Oatmeal, along with Allantion, Aloe Vera, Carrot and Lavendar Oil, Sodium Hyalluronate, CoQ10 and Omega-6 Ceramides to provide a light protective layer for Dry and Sensitive Skin.

The AQI Face Range has absolutely no harsh chemicals such as Sulphates, Parabens, Petro Chemicals, Propylene Glycol, artificial colours and fragrances.

Some of the things that make the AQI Face Range of products stand out are that they are Australian made, formulated from Natural Ingredients and are Artificial colour and Fragrance free.

Is the AQI Skin Care Face Range right for your skin?

You’ll know once you give it a try. We are so confident that our AQI Face Range will be right for you that we give you a money back satisfaction guarantee, so you don’t have to worry.

It may be the best investment you make in getting glowing skin naturally and if you join our AQI VIP CLUB you can get a further 15% off your order.

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