Skin Care for Acne

Do you know the best way to get rid of your Acne?

  • Have you been wondering out of all the ACNE treatments out there .. which one would work best for me?
  • Do you wonder what is it that is makes acne flare up and is making it worse right now?

Skin Care for AcneThere are several things that cause acne to blow out of control.

Old dead skin cells on your face hang around and makes acne go from bad to worse.

So you need to exfoliate and wash your face to get rid of these dead cells and allow healthy ones to develop.

In addition bacteria inside your skin cells form into pimples and breakouts as well as reddening the area around them.

AQI for ACNE prone skin is a fantastic Natural alternative to harsher chemical products normally used to treat ACNE prone skin…



  1. Regular use of a gentle facial wash with antibacterial and antifungal properties to cleanse and remove daily grime and impurities will assist leave your skin sparking clean.
  2. A toner cleans and refreshes the skin and delivers a mildly astringent benefit without stripping its natural moisturisers.
  3. And of course whilst your skin need its natural oil to remain healthy looking, too much oil will create an environment where bacteria will flourish.
    To control and balance this use a lotion that contains purifying, antiseptic and astringent properties.

  4. And when breakouts inevitable occur you need to quickly and effectively target spots directly. Application of a concentrated spot gel will quickly help minimize breakouts, spots and reduce redness.

AQI Acne Skin Care products use natural active extracts have been specifically selected for their efficacy and gentleness to the skin.

Each has been specially developed using natural extracts which have been clinically proven to assist Acne prone skin and just as effective with far less irritation to the skin that the conventional chemical treatments.

What’s even better, the individual products are designed to act together as part of a complete management regime.

  1. AQI Foaming Facial Wash will gently cleanse and remove daily grime.
  2. AQI Gentle Clarifying Toner soothes, removes excess oil and tones your skin.
  3. Oil Free Balancing Lotion assists improve and normalise natural moisture balance. And
  4. AQI Spot Gel is a fast acting clear gel to minimise face breakouts by inhibiting the bacteria that causes you pimples and reduce redness to leave your skin clearer and healthy looking.

You’ll only know why so many people rave about AQI Acne Care if you try it for yourself and we are so confident that you will love it, we offer a money back guarantee. Our AQI Acne range is great value for money and what’s more, join our AQI VIP Club and receive a further 15% off your order

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